About us

Our Aims
At Christ Church Pre-School we aim to provide a safe and caring environment in which we offer opportunities for children to learn and develop emotionally, intellectually and physically through varied play in order to gain confidence and independence.

We believe young children have a right to an enjoyable childhood which is free from pressure and stress. Our ambition is that every child should:

  • feel safe, confident, valued and happy
  • be respected, listened to and heard
  • enjoy and take full advantage of all opportunities in a balanced and interesting curriculum
  • benefit from productive partnerships between children, families and staff
  • acquire knowledge, skills and positive experiences
  • understand how to keep safe and stay healthy
  • value and appreciate diversity

Christ Church Pre-School is committed to the safeguarding of all children and adopts recruitment procedures that promote the safety and well-being of  children. The practitioners are all skillful, highly trained carers and educators, who are knowledgeable about how young children learn, about child development and care, and have a passionate commitment to the Pre-School and its aims. Our staff attend regular training, which helps us to keep up with important legislation, and so that we can constantly improve the way in which we support the children and families we come into contact with at pre-school. Check out our qualifications here.