Starting at Pre-School

Upon successful registration for a place for your child, you will be given a date to start at Pre-School.

Our staff realise that the settling-in time differs for each child and they will encourage you to help your child to settle in the best way for him or her. Of course, should you have any concerns about the settling-in process, please do speak with Charlie, Janet, Sruia, Dawn or Caroline at any time. Between them, they have many years of helping young children in new situations and they understand that it is not always easy – for parents and children alike!  Listening to, and reassuring you, building new confidences in your child and finding new ways around problems are important aspects of their work.

Prior to starting, you are welcome to visit any morning with your child (for which a fee of £5.00 will be charged) to get to know the staff and to familiarise yourselves with the buildings and layout of the facilities, as well as the routines and activities of a normal Pre-School session.  During the sessions, the main door to the Pre-School is kept locked, so we would ask you to ring the doorbell to be let in – and to ask a member of staff to lock the door behind you when you leave.